Gardens (Japan)

Tairyu-sanso, Kyoto

Tairyu-sanso was built as a villa for Kanetsune Ijuin (an architect, gardener and company president) in the former site of a sub-temple of Nanzen-ji from 1896 to 1899. It then transferred to Yaichiro Ichida (a kimono fabrics wholesaler) and was renovated from 1901-1905. Ichida named it Tairyu-sanso (in 1901) because it faced Nanzen-ji, whose mountain name was Zuiryu-zan.  The garden was initially created by Kanetsune Ijuin, and later recreated by Jihei Ogawa (Ueji). The large premises comprise a lawn area, a pond, stream and waterfall with stone arrangements. A teahouse and water mill were also built.   In 1988, this modern garden was designated a National Scenic Site.